Refrigerating Lids



CEABIS is a renowned professional brand in the world of funeral services.
He created the refrigerator cover, in order to condition the inanimate body for a long time, in conditions of hygiene and at the same time to protect the family and the participants in the funeral ceremonies.
It aims to lower the body temperature to – degrees, so the biological functions are practically stopped.


This lid allows the circulation of the air from the room inside the coffin, forming a cold air cushion that conditions the body, without the need for additional glass lids, as the usual refrigerated lids have.
It is equipped with 2 textile tubes that are permanently supplied with cold air at – degrees, it has adjustments, it stops and starts on its own, no need for permanent supervision.
Recover the condensate in a special bag, which is located on the back of the refrigerator cover.

New Products


Range of clothing for the deceased:
– women’s / men’s underwear
– women’s / men’s shoes
– T-shirts, shirts, blouses, women’s / men’s clothing suits
– handkerchiefs, scarves, veils, women’s hats
– hats, ties, men’s belts
Funeral event participants clothing range:
– blouses, T-shirts, shirts, mourning ties
Vase alms:
– plates, bowls, trays, ceramic cups, forks, spoons
– plates, cutlery, disposable plastic cups
– towels of different sizes
– lady / beard
– mourning band, mourning usa
– candles and candles in a wide range, safety pins, incense, charcoal, incense holder
– wreaths, wreaths, natural / artificial floral arrangements
– processed photoceramics – we collaborate with Italian companies for computerized ceramic processing