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We are a funeral company built on the principle of seriousness, professionalism and respect for the client, thus building a reputation in the funeral world through the quality of services and products sold.
Dignity, attitude, professionalism and promptness are the key to our future success.DCF Funeral understands your pain and that’s why we show respect to all our clients.

Our motto is: professionalism, dignity, attitude and promptness.

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The bitterest tears shed over the graves are for
the unspoken words and the deeds left undone.

– Harriet Beecher Stowe


Our Faith

The loss of a loved one leaves behind the regret that we did not show him all the love and attention he deserves and, because we understand this, we are with you as the last homage and we strive for the road to eternity to be a decent one, crowned with all gratitude and respect. due.


We are the first authorized company in Prahova County in accordance with the funeral laws in force (law 92/2007, law 102/2014 and HG741 / 2016)

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Partner of the Amurg cremation association for the Muntenia area

Authorized Distributor European Embalming Products co. for the Muntenia area, products and instruments for embalming / thanatopraxis



DCFuneral will offer you cremation services at fair prices. Contact us now for an offer

Funeral monuments

Our company, through its collaborators, uses Simeria / Ruschita marble, very good quality marble, with low refractive index, which gives it transparency and shine.


Member of EFFS (European Federation of Funeral Services), we have contacts and connections with all EU member states, consulates, embassies, funeral home providers.

Our Team

Lupu Miruna
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Ec. Nadia Miclaus
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DCF Funeral CODE Of Ethics

1. Dignity, compassion, fidelity;
2. Promptness;
3. Strictly professional relations with the client’s family;
4. Respecting all the beliefs and customs of the family;
5. The right of the family to be informed about the total costs of the chosen service package;
6. Strict confidentiality on the data entered in the contract;
7. Honesty, loyalty and integrity of DCF Funeral staff in performing their duties according to the concluded contract;
8. Continuous effort to build a reputation of the company in the funeral field and to take this field to a higher level.


Starting with March 2022, DCF Funeral is authorized in the Moreni office and for the activity of mortuary care. We serve under the conditions imposed by the laws in force the funeral activities with professionalism and empathy being a real support to the grieving families.We are authorized DSP Dambovita for all the requirements that represent the funeral services:

1. Stop funeral transport.
2. Funeral transport, takeover and international transport.
3. Embalming room.
4. Funeral goods store.
5.Catering (packages, dishes, cage trays, rolls, etc.).
Address: Str. December 22, 1989, no. 16A
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Funeral traditions and customs

What is allowed to be done during the burial and remembrance of the dead!
What is not allowed to do during the funeral service?
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