Our Products


Range of clothing for the deceased:
– women’s / men’s underwear
– women’s / men’s shoes
– T-shirts, shirts, blouses, women’s / men’s clothing suits
– handkerchiefs, scarves, veils, women’s hats
– hats, ties, men’s belts

Funeral event participants clothing range:
– blouses, T-shirts, shirts, mourning ties
Vase alms:
– plates, bowls, trays, ceramic cups, forks, spoons
– plates, cutlery, disposable plastic cups
– towels of different sizes

– batiste dama / barba
– mourning band, mourning usa
– candles and candles in a wide range, safety pins, incense, charcoal, incense holder
– wreaths, wreaths, natural / artificial floral arrangements
– processed photoceramics – we collaborate with Italian companies for computerized ceramic processing

Coffin offer

On this page, we set out to present you the wide range of coffins, which DCFuneral sells. You can see pictures of our best-selling products. We sell products from the following manufacturers: MOBIS AL Aiud, ANTURIUM Bucharest and BOSTON IMPEX.