Advice and documentation

Advice and documentation

We offer consulting for the preparation of documents necessary for the funeral:

    • doctor finding death
    • issuance of a death certificate
    • embalming
    • issuance of the embalming certificate
    • cosmetics and sanitation


Obtaining the certificate and the burial certificate – Marital status Counseling in obtaining the place of burial
Preparation of the file for the funeral aid from the state and / or the employer.

    • What do you do in the event of an unfortunate family death? (document)
    • Documents required for granting death benefits (document)
    • Procedures for repatriation in the event of death abroad (document)


Traditions and customs regarding burial in the Orthodox religion

    • What is allowed to be done during the burial and remembrance of the dead! (Details here!)
    • What is not allowed to do during the funeral service? (Details here!)
    • Posthumous Remembrance (Details here!)