Funeral Flags

Funeral Flags

It consists of the flag itself, plus the support.

It is posted at the home where the deceased is laid to rest in the chapel, it contains both the name and year of birth and death, as well as information on the stages and conduct of the funeral event (vigil, religious ceremony, funeral ceremony).

New Products


Range of clothing for the deceased:
– women’s / men’s underwear
– women’s / men’s shoes
– T-shirts, shirts, blouses, women’s / men’s clothing suits
– handkerchiefs, scarves, veils, women’s hats
– hats, ties, men’s belts
Funeral event participants clothing range:
– blouses, T-shirts, shirts, mourning ties
Vase alms:
– plates, bowls, trays, ceramic cups, forks, spoons
– plates, cutlery, disposable plastic cups
– towels of different sizes
– lady / beard
– mourning band, mourning usa
– candles and candles in a wide range, safety pins, incense, charcoal, incense holder
– wreaths, wreaths, natural / artificial floral arrangements
– processed photoceramics – we collaborate with Italian companies for computerized ceramic processing